Club Colours

Our club colours are white, black, and "North Shore Maroon" (Hex 8A1538 / PMS 1955 C / ISACORD 1912).

Club Uniform

Jerseys and caps are uniform elements whereas pants, belts, socks, and other items are player equipment. All items besides jerseys (club-provided) will be available to purchase through the club store from late 2023.

Uniform elements are either club-owned and provided to players (jerseys) or player-owned and purchased from the club (caps). Neither jerseys nor caps may be purchased from any supplier other than the club and/or our apparel partner (New Balance).

  • Jerseys are either maroon with pinstripes (our 23/24 to 25/26 design), black with maroon highlights (our 22/23 design), or maroon with black sleeves (our classic design) depending on availability and other considerations (e.g. multiple teams in the same grade may wish to look different).
  • Caps are black with the NS monogram in maroon with a white outline, except for Premiers who wear a black cap with a white front panel featuring the NS knight with the monogram shifted to the side.    

Player equipment is player-owned and can be purchased from any supplier so long as it complies with the following requirements. However, we recommend purchasing through the club store.

  • Belts must be black (preferred) or maroon
  • Pants must be grey (all grades) or white (Premier grade home games only); Pants sold via the club store feature the NZ monogram but this is not required; Pants should not feature numbers, stripes, or any other design elements except the NS monogram (optional); Pants may be full-length or "knicker" style
  • Socks must be primarily either maroon (preferred) or black with any combination of maroon, black, or white stripes  per player preference - the club has maroon socks with the NS monogram in white available for purchase (contact admin@nscbaseball.co.nz to enquire)
  • Undershirts must be in club colours or grey
  • Teams will be provided with batting helmets, skull caps, and catcher's protective equipment in club colours (usually black); Player-owned equivalents must be in club colours or grey
  • Cleats should be primarily black and free of non-club colours
  • Gloves/mitts may be any colour or design that is compliant with the rules of baseball
  • Club colours or grey are preferred but not required for all other player equipment e.g. batting gloves, neck buffs, etc

Training and supporter apparel are also available via the club store