Division 1 is a "competitive social" adult grade played within the Auckland Baseball Association and Division 2 is "social competitive". 

North Shore currently has three teams - the Angels, Gunners, and Pride - in ABA Division 1 and all three have won the championship recently with results since 2020 as follows.

SeasonNS Angels (Div 1)NS Gunners (Div 1)NS Pride (Div 1)


The Angels and Gunners are "club teams" whereas the Pride are an "affiliate team" (i.e. a team that runs independently of the club but affiliates to NS to access ABA competition). 

North Shore introduced a Division 2 team - the Giants - from the 2022/23 season providing an additional playing option for those keen for a more social and flexible team that provides opportunities for players to try any role on the diamond if they wish to.

Divisional games are played on Sundays on a full size diamond – with 90’ base-paths and a 60’6" pitching distance. Division 1 games are umpired by player volunteers provided by teams for games before or after their own game. Division 2 games are umpired by the home team.  


  • Divisional: Graeme Warren (Head Trainer) and Camryn Brown (Coordinator)
  • Angels: Camryn Brown (Manager) and Scott Duncan (Captain)
  • Gunners: Graeme Warren 
  • Pride: John You
  • Giants: Corey Vandendos and Daniel Morrison


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  • Angels: NSCBAngels
  • Gunners: NSCBGunners
  • Giants: NSCBGiants
  • Training: NSCTraining