Why play baseball?

The main reason is that it's a lot of fun!

Apart from that, playing baseball offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond the boundaries of the field. From a health perspective, baseball is a sport that fosters cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and overall endurance. The combination of running, throwing, hitting, and fielding contributes to the development of various muscle groups, enhancing coordination, agility, and motor skills. 

Beyond the physical advantages, baseball is renowned for its strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Players learn the value of collaboration, communication, and trust as they work together to leverage the unique strengths of each team member to achieve common goals. The sport's dynamic nature necessitates constant interaction between teammates, fostering a strong bond and encouraging mutual support. The shared experiences of practice, games, and challenges forge lifelong friendships, creating a supportive network that extends beyond the playing years. Baseball's emphasis on sportsmanship and respect also cultivates important life lessons, teaching players how to handle both victory and defeat with grace and humility.

Furthermore, baseball opens doors to numerous opportunities, both on and off the field. For those with aspirations of a professional career, the sport offers a pathway to the major leagues, showcasing exceptional talent and dedication. Even for those who may not reach the highest echelons of the game, baseball provides avenues for scholarships and higher education through US college recruiting. Moreover, the skills acquired in baseball, such as leadership, discipline, and time management, are transferable to various aspects of life, including academic pursuits and future careers. Whether it's through college scholarships, coaching positions, or community involvement, baseball creates a platform for personal growth and development that extends well into adulthood.

Why join our club?

We are one of Auckland’s largest, fastest growing, and most successful clubs. We cater for all ages and abilities from junior players aged 5 through to 18 years to senior players in both premier and social/competitive grades. At North Shore, there is a place for everyone.

We have strong leadership within the club both on and off the field. Our committee and coaches are dedicated to providing all players with the most enjoyable and rewarding baseball experience they can have. Our members, supporters, parents, players, and volunteers all contribute to a welcoming and positive club culture.

What does registration mean?

When you register, you will...

  • Become a member of our club - we'll be in touch with details about your team, when it trains and plays, and so on
  • Become a member of the Auckland Baseball Association - the regional body that runs our competitions and our rep teams
  • Become a member of Baseball New Zealand - the national body that oversees the development of our sport and runs our national teams

Your registration fees support all three of these entities and allow them to provide you with uniform jerseys, team equipment, umpires, and so on.

Registration is currently closed for the 23/24 season. Please click on the link above to express interest in joining us for 24/25!